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Something similar is the law of reincarnation or rebirths Recent experiences by qualified Doctors psychiatrist about past life. The past life karma and previous birth karma report analyzed in details your d1 chart, includes the rahu ketu nodal axis, the role of retrograde planets to do with your past and present life, your d9 chart navamsa chart ,d12 dwadashamsa and your d60th or shashtiamsa divisional varga chart to give you authentic information on your past life. Full confidentiality maintained about you and the safety of your data. Delivery within 72 Hours-in pdf format through Email in your inbox!

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I have a doubt. Astrological solutions to your 5 problems in detailed form along with Astrological Remedies Jyotish Upay. I am stuck. And to write an article on the subject, then does it not appear to be a very complicated subject.

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Because, if any explanation about this is available, then it is given in chapter 2 to 5 of Bhagawat Geeta, where Bhagwan Sri Krishna explained to Arjun about - discrimination between Karma Yoga, Sankhya Yoga and Karma, Sanyas, Bhakti yoga etc, and told that Karma yoga is the most simple and feasible way to attain salvation, and to become one with God. In short, we can take this intricate observance as " Karma Siddhanta. We must have been participants before also in this never-ending discussion. But, never the inferences of these discussions were such, as to establish this fact wholly.

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Then what is the way to understand this? How can we enquire into this complicated subject, and after investigation if we find that, yes, we have to endure the past-life actions into this life also, then how can we correct them or maintain their auspiciousness, we will search the measures for that. Before proceeding any further, first let us come to an understanding that, what this birth-chart, Kundli horoscope or Tippana is, and what is its connection with the Karmas of an individual.

There are 12 houses in a birth-chart.

These houses begin from the Ascendant or Lagna house first house. The Lagna Ascending sign is that sign which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of that individual. So now, this Lagna and the sign occupied by Lagna has established an intimate relationship with this particular person.

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In Vedic astrology 5th house indicates about purva janam punya (good deeds of past birth). How does Rahu Ketu show past life karma in Vedic astrology? What type of past life Karma results in Moon Ketu conjunction with emotional detachment in this birth, and what deeds of present. Here in this article today I am going to discuss few techniques from which you can know about pending karma and life mission of the native in which direction his.

The second house is of family Kutumba and Speech. The fourth house represents mother, property and comforts. The fifth house denotes past-life karmas, children and spiritual practices mantra-siddhi.

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The Essentials of Vedic Astrology — Komilla Sutton "The Essentials of Vedic Astrology, " demystifies many of the fundamental concepts of Vedic astrology and brings areas like the Nakshatras, the Gunas, and the Karmic issues we face into the realm of the beginner for the first time. When sages like Parashara who, according to legend, lived 5, years ago offered the gift of astrology to humankind, they did so not to make you feel fatalistic about your future, but to help you understand the status of your karmic account so that you can take action and improve your karmic balance sheet. It is believed that Atma Jnana Self-Realization can however overcome the effects of the good or bad karma. There are twelve cards in Signs, Planets and Houses and each individual card is visually split into three with a small slice of artwork in the centre. I was able to compare their charts and they do have past life indicators. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable.

So, our Rishis have fixed a house, among other houses of the birth-chart, to past-life karmas, that is, to assess the qualities of our accumulated karmas. Hence the 5th house of the horoscope, which is a trine trikona also, is very significant to estimate the quality of the chart. In a horoscope — four houses are called Angles Kendra , and three houses are called Trines Trikona , and planets posited in these houses are considered to be strong.

Out of these, the Lagna or Ascendant is such a house that is considered both as a Trine, as well as, an angle. Hence, the Ascendant becomes more significant from both ways. After the fifth, the sixth house governs the diseases and enemies. The seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse; the eighth house denotes longevity, and the ninth house represents religion, luck and fortune and prarabdha destiny.

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The 9th house is 5th from the 5th house and is the most powerful trine. Besides others, things concerning father are also seen from this house.

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Hence, the three trines of the horoscopes have intimate connection with your present and past-life karmas. The set up of the houses is done like this only. The tenth house denotes karma.

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Here the karma means career or profession. This is the meaning of 12 houses of the birth-chart. Now, the nine planets of these 12 houses relate to one or the other house. The house, in which Moon is placed, is known as the Rasi house Moon sign. And, Rasi is the second important component to know the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the effects of planets. Hence, in a horoscope, the Lagna and the Rasi become very significant for a particular person.