Sagittarius moon man and sagittarius moon woman compatibility

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The Moon in Aspect to Other Planets

Almost any. Specifically, capricorn zodiac signs. In fact, we can say that he is the one that loves harmony and does not like when his love harmony is under the question. Because of that, those who love him know that he also suffers from some of the lesser mistakes in the behavior, but he does not mean any harm. He needs to be accepted, and who will do this better than people who know him the best, his friends. Even if we know that the person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Leo signs has a strong personality, he has a hard time not to lose identity in marital and emotional relationships.

Because of this, often, he chooses an original, modern, somewhat unusual and lucid person to be his lover or a long-term partner and it is the best choice that he could make. He is aware that he is fortunate in love, although he will not bypass frequent internal emotional turmoil, the tendency of fantasy, and it will sometimes be difficult for him to return to reality.

He needs to know when it is a good time to end a relationship, in the time when his illusions are over the top. Certainly, there is an energetic, extremely optimistic combination the Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Leo sign that subconsciously seeks acceptance, compliments, but he also belongs to those people who always come to the realisation of ambitions. He loves attention, even competition and rivalry, but a fair relationship in everything.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility

If you want to be at the whole centre of his attention, do not touch him in his crown and in his dreams. Do not forget that he does not like intense relationships, cowardice, and small pettiness. His perfect lover could be found in the representative of the sign Scorpio — When these two are in love, the result is a very complex situation, but prosperous. Namely, in this romantic combination, they can feel contradictory and confused feelings. With this love couple, the unrestrained passion, strong emotions interchange. He is the one that proves to be an amazing friend who is always present when something is happening.

He does not have the problem of socialising with different people profiles, although this is a combination the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in the Leo sign of strong individualists, people who do not want to give up his independence in communities.

This is the person who has amazing ideas and wants to be friends with the people who have a high status in life, and he will do it, even if he is aware that he cannot afford it. Naturally, you like to be free and experience the world as it changes. Moon Sagittarius you are not materialistic, preferring to have a good experience over an expensive trinket. Your love to travel and see how the world will affect your choice of potential partners, as you want someone to share those experiences with.

Sagittarius moon sign, you do not take yourself and life too seriously.

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You are fun to be around, even though you can lack tact sometimes. You value freedom and independence, which may deter certain Moon signs as you are not commitment ready until you find the One. You are best with Moon signs that are as adventurous as you are, and not afraid to be self-sufficient, because you do not like babying people.

Moon Sagittarius, you value equality, and you are open about your emotions to a point on lacking social niceties and empathy. You have no time for those who are melancholic. Often you will tell them to snap out of it. Your bluntness may offend, but you are too tactless to realize that. You are always upbeat and cheerful, and have no time to feel down or sorry for yourself. You can be impatient, not wanting to spend time to develop something long term.

So you will need someone who can look after that aspect of life. Best traits : adventurous, generous, fun, independent. You are both spontaneous and intuitive people who love a good adventure.

Moon in Sagittarius...

Sagittarius, you and Moon Aries are independent, enthusiastic and have a love for a good adventure. You are both rather blunt, you and Moon in Aries have a competitive streak that spices things up. Emotionally, Sagittarius moon, you like to compartmentalize your feelings into positive and negative boxes. Aries Moon do not like to get told how to feel, but you often use humor to lighten the mood.

You and Moon Sagittarius enjoy a good intellectual sparring, and you feel comfortable with each other. Both of you value individual freedom, not to be tied down by your partner.

Moon in Sagittarius // Emotional Sagittarius

Moon Aries might be bossy at times, but Sagittarius you is quite assertive as well. You have met one of your compatible matches in Moon Aries. This is a suitable moon sign compatibility for marriage that allows you both to be individual in a couple relationship. Work or romance, this coupling is ideal as you both challenge each other to be better. Sagittarius, you love, adventure and you are naturally curious.

Moon Taurus prefers familiarity and a steady routine. You are both essentially people with different needs. You might be attracted to each other initially, as you are both generous people, and you both do not hold much grudges. You may feel that Taurus Moon do not appreciate your plans, while the bull thinks that you are ignoring the present and facts for a dream. Moon in Taurus can also feel threatened by your restlessness and need to travel, and you find them stifling and resistant to changes.

You are opposite zodiac personality wise, and your needs vary so much you need to compromise. For this zodiac compatibility to work, Sagittarius you have to learn to slow down, allowing Moon Taurus to feel some harmony. Moon Taurus could learn how to understand your dreams for the future, and accept them as part of who you are. There is much to compromise for this partnership to flourish, as you are not compatible Moon Signs. When times are good Sagittarius you and Moon Gemini are quite compatible.

You have get along well, because your base needs coincide.

What His Moon Says About How He Handles Sex, Emotions, and Love

You both love freedom, you are curious people who loves excitement. Otherwise your playful manner will see you both travelling to exotic places and seeing new things. Moon in Gemini can fuel your passion of freedom and adventure, and you can keep Gemini interested in a romantic partnership. A win-win situation for both parties.

You and Gemini Moon are compatible enough that a romance relationship needs little effort to maintain, and will last a long time. Sagittarius, you and Moon Cancer are different in temperaments and personality, hence you rub each other the wrong way. This friendship compatibility or romantic relationship may be severely tested by your differences, as you have different needs and expectations. Moon in Cancer needs to feel close to someone, which Sagittarius you may find clingy.

Cancer Moon sign is sentimental, you like shiny new things.