Jungian synchronicity in astrological signs and ages

“An Astrophysicist’s Sympathetic and Critical View of Astrology”

Howell, and Richard Tarnas. It is not a case of one being explained away by, or derived from, the other; rather, each is a distinct way of describing the empiric observations of the same phenomena. These type-to-element correlations have become canonical in psychological astrology.


I do not believe that astrological influence works through a physical mechanism between a planet and person. I was also embarrassed at being the victim of circumstances for which I was in some sense responsible by virtue of my own romantic illusions. And Jason went off to find the Golden Fleece. Prices and stock availability may vary between Webstore and our Retail Stores. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Personifying the negative side of the personality, the shadow is composed of those aspects that one represses and hides from oneself, often experienced in projection. Saturn is associated with the processes of contraction, limitation, as well as discipline, fear, and the prima materia of alchemical work. At the same time, Saturn is the wise old one, the master, the great teacher. Both of these faces can be seen in the concept of the shadow. She writes,. Alice O. Complexes are not in themselves sins but the results of processes which have been in intense internal conflict, for one reason or another, causing the go to suffer a lack of harmony and self-acceptance.

While these darker faces of Saturn signify its importance in a chart, its role in individuation is paramount. It is through Saturn that we learn what the soul most deeply needs, and Saturn as the wise old man is also the teacher whose lessons bring opportunities for profound growth and maturity.

As Jung often noted, the shadow is the doorway into the unconscious. In metaphorical terms, it is lead Saturn that is transformed into gold by those arduous and wondrous alchemical processes with which Jung was so concerned. The chart will impel us unconsciously, as do our complexes, until we become more conscious. Furthermore, from this perspective the regular transits and progressions that one experiences, particularly transits of the outer planets, are understood to function as thresholds of transformations of consciousness.

Correlating in some instances to natural stages of aging and development, the planetary transits reflect psychological stages and opportunities for growth. In Cosmos and Psyche , Tarnas draws on these two foundational Jungian concepts and outlines a worldview anchored in archetypal patterns and their synchronistic informing of life.

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Astrology can be used as a way of reuniting man with his innermost self, with nature, and with the evolutionary process of the universe. In many of his reflections, scattered throughout the Collected Works and elsewhere, Jung proffers an eclectic assortment of thoughts on the topic, intermingled with reflections on other subjects. On occasion, he even shifts his position on explanations of astrology within the space of a single chapter or section.

“An Astrophysicist’s Sympathetic and Critical View of Astrology”

While such fluctuations are of themselves noteworthy, they are not conducive to clear understanding and there is little in the way of a consistent evolution of his ideas on astrology leading to a settled position, which might have justified placing the ideas in strict chronological sequence. The reader can refer to the original sources if a fuller appreciation of original context is needed. In organizing the material by theme, we hoped to achieve a logical continuity of ideas and as much coherence as possible. Jung Speaking , the two volumes of C. Jung Speaking , p.

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See Le Grice, Discovering Eris. Bibliography Arroyo, Stephen. Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements. Barton, Tamsyn. Ancient Astrology.

London: Routledge, Bobrick, Benson. The Fated Sky: Astrology in History.

Jung on Astrology [Paperback]

Campion, Nicholas. The History of Western Astrology. London: Continuum Books, Freud, Sigmund, and Carl Gustav Jung. Edited by William McGuire. Translated by Ralph Manheim and R. Greene, Liz. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, Hamaker-Zondag, Karen. Howell, Alice O. Second Edition. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, Jungian Symbolism in Astrology.

Jung, Carl Gustav. Translated by R. In The Symbolic Life , — Jung Letters I: — Jung Letters II: — The Collected Works of C. Bollingen Series XX.

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Jung, Carl Gustav, and John Freeman. Jung Speaking , — Edited by William McGuire and R. Le Grice, Keiron. Edinburgh, UK: Floris Books, Rossi, Safron. Volume 9, Number 4 : 38— Rudyhar, Dane.

The Astrology of Personality. Tarnas, Richard. New York: Viking, Tester, Jim. A History of Western Astrology. Woodbridge, UK: Boydell Press, Whitfield, Peter. Astrology: A History. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Dinner Party Tips. Are you excited to throw a dinner party, but terrified at the thought?

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by Alice O. Howell

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