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Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology Kindle Edition by Dr David Frawley

Key to the Whole Art of Astrology.

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Light on Relationships. Mapping Your Sex Life.

Mapping Your Travels and Relocation. Moon Tides, Soul Passages. Persian Nativities Vol.

Predicting Weather Events with Astrology. Primary Directions. Reflections and Meditations on the Signs.

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The Science Of Seers

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David Frawley explains the core concepts of Vedic astrology in the simplest possible way, without missing out on the depth of the teachings and the spiritual basis of this great science. He presents Vedic astrology as a method and path to self transformation as much as a way to predict. One of the best reads on Vedic astrology, I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who has a keen interest in Vedic astrology.

Have doubts regarding this product? Thank you in advance. IMHO, They left this book out of the bible for a reason.. Note the calander which is what the bit about the gates are about and notice that there are calindrical henges all around the world This I think, is a testament to Velicovski's flood in 10, BC.

Vedic Astrology

Also note the references to the symbolic colors red, white, and black , and the refences to breeding, and that turns out to be references to the three main Annunaki royal bloodlines that were mixed with man's blood and survived the flood as well as to the breeding of useful things to man Just sayin IMHO [edit on by Danbones]. Originally posted by mr10k Well, I want to go eat soon so I will write this up as quickly as I can. Book Of Enoch I'll definitely download that to my computer.

The book of enoch is not understood by many and their is a reason.

The Science Of Seers

Anyway it was a meeting to form consensus in the church with people representing all Christendom. In this meeting they decided what will or will not be in the bible. There was alot that was taken out because it was "forbidden" knowledge. The bible is a bunch of stories from our ancient past that interpreted real things and made them into mythological stories.

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